Have you ever realised?
Blue Is Blue is a series of publications about blue; an inquisitive exploration of blue through multiple aspects. A project that aimed to push the idea of bipolar thinking in between rational and emotional.

Peripheral understanding through seeing and perceiving blue with thorough investigations. It is a compilation of true stories and factual researches, placing readers in the parameter of emotional and rational infatuation in an immersive experience of blue. Separating into a package of learning experience, Blue Is Blue mainly contained three publications with its unique identity individually while functioning cooperatively.

Book 1 : Blue In Mind & Blue In Mine
Collective literatures around the world about blue. An impromptu reaction towards the first thing come in mind about blue or a piece of blue memory. It is a genuine reconnection of you with the best thing in our life - memories.

Book 2 : Blue In History, Art & Science
Collective factual researches through online and offline by understanding blue in multiple aspects as a piece of experimental subject. Unfold and explore the rational understanding of it.

Book 3 : Blueprint
Crafting your own blue through hands on experiment of cyanotype to find the blue in you that represents you. Let it be your memory or your logical definition of blue, immerse yourself in creating your blueprint to complete the experience.

Designed and published by Sudden Yap in 2017.

Contained more than 8 publications and accessories in a tote bag. For purchase, contact me.

Blue Is Blue is awarded and exhibited in The Grad Expectations 2017 : Crafting; the best of best.

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